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It's OK to take a break ... #4

It's amazing what a break can do for your mindset! I've always got my head in a business book and one thing I always take away from them is that you have to be prepared to do what others won't. What does that mean? Let me explain.. 
The diary of an Equestrian Entrepreneur

Second guessing... I'd guessed it was bad! ... #3

So what has happened? I've ended up second guessing everything. What does that result in? Procrastination.
I should've been happy business startup blog

I should've been happy ... #2

I'm now starting to feel the pressure. I kind of feel like I've been playing at it for 12 months and now it's time to prove our worth and put into practice all that we have learnt.
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And so... it begins ... #1 | The Diary of an Equestrian Entrepreneur

Lofthouse Equestrian is about to enter its second year in bricks and mortar. I probably should've started this in my first year but I've never been that good at committing to a diary and to be honest, it never cross my mind that writing down my 'feelings' would be a good thing.