And so... it begins ... #1 | The Diary of an Equestrian Entrepreneur

Hi guys,

I know your probably wondering who I am. To be honest, I'm nobody important. My name is Sam and I am the Managing Director of Lofthouse Equestrian, The Equestrian and Countrywear Boutique based in Lancashire, England. It sounds all fancy but it's really not. I should really say I'm Sam, I run a tack shop and regularly sh*t myself on a daily basis through worrying, stress and general major meltdowns. So you might ask what is this all about? Well to cut a very long story short I thought I would journal my entrepreneurial journey, but I've terrible handwriting so I'm being lazy and typing about it instead. I then thought, 'ooo... I wonder if anyone else would benefit from reading a real, honest account of setting up and trying to run your own business?'... so this blog has now been born.

tack shop Lofty HQ

Lofthouse Equestrian is about to enter its second year in bricks and mortar. I probably should've started this in my first year but I've never been that good at committing to a diary and to be honest, it never cross my mind that writing down my 'feelings' would be a good thing. It always sounds a bit too 'airy fairy' for me. Lancashire lass an' all that! However, I've recently been reading alot about mindset and how it's important to write down goals, celebrate achievements and document your journey. So here I go! I plan on blogging regularly from 1st June 2018 as that's the shops first birthday. Hopefully it will help me celebrate my achievements, reflect and fingers crossed it might help someone else out there who is going through the same thing! After all, it's always nice to know you're not on your own!


Sam x


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