Second guessing... I'd guessed it was bad! ... #3

I've been struggling as of late, I suppose since our birthday in the shop I've felt the pressure a bit more especially now we are in our second year. Plus with all the algorithm changes on Facebook/Pinterest and trying to decide the direction I should take the business it's been tough.

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So what has happened? I've ended up second guessing everything. What does that result in? Procrastination. Instead of putting anything to the test and just going with it I've now fallen into the 'research' phase. Checking what other retails companies are doing, reading lots of blogs and books on social media and the 'best' methods of going forward. I'm listening to podcast like they are going out of fashion! What has it ended in? Absolutely cock all! Pardon my 'french' but it's annoying.

I've spent the best part of two weeks now, wasting time. I have put all my effort into trying to find an answer that isn't there and evidently the only way I'm going to find  out if anything works is by actually doing it. I keep forgetting that I'm completely different to everyone else. I have my own niche that will only work if I push it my own way.

So here is today's wisdom for you; forget everyone else. Push aside doubts that it may or may not work and just bloody do it! The best part of being your own boss in your own business is that if it doesn't work, you can change it. It's when we fail to adapt that we fail to do.

Now go do!


Sam x


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  • The struggle is real! Onwards and upwards.

  • While research is good, remember what your income generating activities are and make sure you do enough of those too 😀

  • Please don’t feel those 2 weeks of procrastination were wasted, look at what you learnt. You realised the answer is just to bloody do it, some folk come to this conclusion in minutes, for us mere mortals it can take weeks or even months!

    Jenny HIntze

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