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Ness Handbags and Purses

Country Brand Spotlight; Ness, Edinburgh

I first encountered Ness approximately 10 years ago. The range caught my eye, to be honest, it's hard to miss!
Grays Equestrian Blog

Country Brand Spotlight; Grays of Shenstone

When I'm searching for an everyday handbag it must be three things; Practical, stylish and come with a matching purse! I appreciate a lady who has a matching purse with her bag! So when I came across Grays of Shenstone ... I fell in love!
Sporting Hares Country Brand

Country Brand Spotlight; Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares is one brand I continue to be a huge fan of. Why? It stands for all things quintessentially British! Here at Lofthouse, Equestrian and Countrywear, I have been not only an avid fan of Sporting Hares but also a stockist for over 2 years now and, honestly, I love everything even more now than I did back then!
We're not a tack shop

We're not a tack shop

I never set out to become a tack shop. I didn’t want to stock things you could get anywhere else. I wanted to be that special little place that has different things! So, I had to really work out what I wanted the boutique to become.
mindset blog for equestrians

Sometimes it's just too much...

I've never really taken the time out to really think about things. It's tricky as my life is very much go-go-go and taking time out of a busy schedule to stop and process what it actually going on is hard. Plus, it seems very unjustified. 
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Super stressful but blinking brilliant!

I have no idea where the past 12 months have gone but, much to my disbelief, we have been open for nearly 12 months! It has been the biggest rollercoaster of my life! I've definitely never worked as hard but I've also never enjoyed working as much. 
Great gift ideas for Mothers Day

Great gift ideas for Mother's Day!

It's not long now before we celebrate Mothers Day and I don't know about you but I always struggle on what to buy my mum as she isn't particularly interested in things like make-up or perfume. She appreciates flowers but I always think I could've tried harder than that, so here my lists of some great gift ideas for Mothers Day for those county loving mums!
The Perfect Winter Warmer with Annabel Brocks

The Perfect Winter Warmer .... Annabel Brocks

However, although I'm dreaming of Summer Sun one thing that makes me happier during Winter are my hats. You name it I've got one. Bobble Hats, headbands, beanies! I love them. Currently my favourite (for -5C temperatures!) is my Annabel Brocks faux fur reversible head warmer.
Gift Ideas for an Extra Special Valentines Day

Gift ideas for an extra special Valentines Day

I can't quite believe it's that time of year already! Yes guys and gals Valentines is fast approaching and let's face it… we want more than just a box of chocolates, right? Well here's our handy guide to giving your loved one a special treat on the 14th!
Hi-Ho Silver Jewellery lifestyle blog from Lofthouse Equestrian

Hi-Ho Silver; Timeless pieces for your jewellery collection.

I can't quite believe a whole month has passed since Christmas! It's completely bonkers! Last time I checked I was running around on Christmas Eve trying to do all my last minute shopping, I was so unprepared last year, in fact my New Years resolution was to actually be more prepared this year! So far so good too! Thankfully my husband was a little more prepared than me and actually surprised me with a gorgeous gift. The odd hint here and there and hey presto, I'm now the proud owner of a Hi-Ho silver ring.
When it rains, you should be wearing a Sporting Hares Windermere Gilet

When it rains...

The gilet comes in two colours, a Deep Blue and a Honey Tan. Personally I chose the deep blue, purely just because I have more breeches in my wardrobe to team it with! The Honey Tan is a gorgeous colour and has a very 'country-esque' feel about it, it looks great when teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and your favourite country boots!
Gift ideas for the Country lovin' friend!

Gift ideas for that Country loving friend!

I don't know about you but as soon as it hits November I already feel that I'm way behind with Christmas. It's surprising how the holiday season creeps up on you! Before you know it, it's Christmas Eve at 3pm and your praying some inspiration will hit you before the shops shut!