A big leap of faith and alot of Prosecco!

Two years and 3 months. I can't quite believe it's gone so quick! My journey with Lofthouse Equestrian has been a real rollercoaster ride but I'm so glad I reached for my dream. It all started one shopping day...

I decided  it was time to buy a new pair of yard boots, mine had long since passed their sell by date, so off I trotted, credit card in hand to splash out on a new pair! In all honesty, my experience was awful. Maybe it was my own fault, maybe I expect too much when I shop. Being a veterinary nurse means I am quite a caring, compassionate person. When I serve clients I put them at ease, I reassure them that their pet is paramount to me, to be honest I treat their pet just like I treat my own.  I thrive knowing I have done a good job and my customer care (both client and patient) is my TOP priority. I suppose I shouldn't expect all people to think like this, but unfortunately I do! So cutting a long story short I decided that the service I had wasn't good enough and, feeling determined, Lofthouse Equestrian was born! 

Lofthouse Equestrian Boutique

Now it sounds simple, but it's been a steep learning curve for me. What I find most difficult it delivering great customer care when the internet is so impersonal. Now I always strive to send goods quickly, waiting around for items to come through the post annoys me- I want it immediately- so quick delivery is my top goal! I try my best through Social Media to reach out to people and let them see the real me, but it still didn't feel like I was delivering top class customer care. So just after I married The Horse Husband in January this year, we found a little shop in Clayton-Le-Moors, Accrington and I've taken one of the biggest leaps of faith in my life (yes marriage was easy!) to open our own little boutique!


I am so excited as I feel I can finally deliver the customer care I want to, face to face. My aim is to make you happy with the goods you buy, the service you get and the experience you have when you arrive. I know I will probably never please everyone, as everyone wants something different but it doesn't mean I'm not going to try!

The boutique will stock a variety of brands with items affordable to everyone. We will also strive to stock that 'something different'. We will obviously be very open to suggestion too!  We are here for you, so let us know if there is something you would like us to change!

The location we have chosen is just off junction 7 of the M65, making it quite easy for locals to get to. It boasts a car park just around the corner and is situated on a pretty little square. Local amenities include a Post Office (handy for me) and a small cafe just down the road (great for commuters but maybe not great for my waistline). We are currently undergoing alot of renovation (my handy dad is constructing the changing room as I type and The Horse Husband is no doubt destroying something somewhere) so we won't be open until June. However, you can keep up to date with our progress by checking our Facebook Page, Lofthouse Equestrian, and we have even created an event for our Prosecco Open Night! This will be held on 2nd June 2017 from 5pm until 9pm and of course, we will have some great opening offers! Plus who can say no to Prosecco!?!

Sam and Crunchie dressage horse

So, all in all, it's been a interesting year so far and it's about to get even crazier! I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all our customers so far, without you I would have never had the courage to take the next step. It means more than you know! 

Sam x


 *Photo Credits to Frank at Vision Photography and my hubby... The Horse Husband!*