Country Brand Spotlight; Grays of Shenstone

Everywhere I go I always have a handbag. In fact, my husband always tells me I carry way too much stuff around and to be fair, if I could take the kitchen sink I probably would. I hate not being prepared for every eventuality! Ever the practical person!

When I'm searching for an everyday handbag it must be three things; Practical, stylish and come with a matching purse! I appreciate a lady who has a matching purse with her bag! So when I came across Grays of Shenstone, or Grays Country Gifts as they are otherwise known, I fell in love!

Grays Equestrian Snaffle Bit Purse

Grays was founded in 1922 so it's evident they know how to design a nice womans handbag! Based in Staffordshire, Grays offer a gorgeous range of Equestrian inspired handbags, purses and accessories which we offer here at Lofthouse- Equestrian & Country. We've been a stockist of Grays for 18 months now and my collection of Grays handbags at home has grown significantly!

So why Grays Equestrian? Well, I love the fact that many of their handbags are made from leather. Not only is it super hard-wearing, meaning your bag will last, but it also means it wears well! Each handbag or purse seems to take on its own identity after you start to use it. So believe it or not, it becomes individual to you!

My Grays Haston Cross Body Bag has been everywhere with me; at the stable yard, walking the dogs, in the middle of a field at a local country show and down to Tescos for the weekly big shop! It puts up with my lifestyle well and I don't need to worry about ruining it! Plus I love the fact that I can have a matching purse with it! The iconic snaffle bit design just adds that bit of equestrian connection, which suits me down to the ground! My horses are a huge part of my life so why not embrace it?

Grays Haston handbag and purse set

Grays cater for all styles too, you can splash out and get the perfect everyday bag that exudes quality and makes that statement at the office such as the Alice Bag or you can be practical with the Haston for when you're out and about. They even have a clutch bag for the evening and that ever important holdall for those weekends away! Their range is extensive!

Finally your country style is not complete without accessories! Grays have a beautiful range of watches, (so you know just how late you are!) plus the country and equine inspired scarves add that touch of class to any outfit. They even have snaffle bit belts, ipad cases, cosmetic bags and jewellry!

I'm super lucky to be a Grays Country stockist and I know one thing is for certain, their range of gorgeous items are not only staple for the country loving enthusiast but will put up with their lifestyle too!

Sam x

Country Brands Grays of Shenstone