Country Brand Spotlight; Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares is one brand I continue to be a huge fan of. Why? It stands for all things quintessentially British! Here at Lofthouse, Equestrian and Countrywear, I have been not only an avid fan of Sporting Hares but also a stockist for over 2 years now and, honestly, I love everything even more now than I did back then! I suppose it's proof of the pudding when I bought one of every item and couldn't wait to get them in my wardrobe! My Windermere Gilet is hardly off my back and my Beauchamp still remains my most handy go-to country blazer!

Sporting Hares Kings Sunglasses

So who are Sporting Hares? Sporting are a multi- award winning, country lifestyle brand based deep within the Welsh countryside. You can be sure if you own a Sporting product you'll own quality. What is it everyone says? Buy right, buy once? Sportings story starts back in 2011 when Marc Brown, a university graduate, identified a gap in the market for Sunglasses. Now these weren't just any Sunglasses, they were especially for the young, British, Country Bumpkins who needed, practical, hard wearing yet stylish Sunglasses that could endure their Preppy Country way of life! Surprise, surprise the Kings Sunglasses were a massive success and quickly sold out! Since then Sporting Hares have produced an amazing array of Gilets, Blazers, Wellingtons, Socks, Caps and more to their line up and each is as lovely as the last!

I'll be honest, I always have my Kings Sunglasses in my handbag whether it's Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. My Sporting Hares Windermere Gilet is probably the most worn item in my wardrobe, not only is it practical with its 'Sporting' fit, it's water resistant due to a special membrane that it is coated in at the last stage of manufacturing. Plus to top it off its nice enough to wear whilst out shopping!

Sporting Hares Windermere Gilet

My Sporting Beauchamp Blazer is a staple, country chic, item in my wardrobe. It represents ultimate British Country Fashion but instead of being a plain tweed it adds that dash of colour to any outfit. Personally I vouched for the Deep Violet but I'm currently eyeing up the Deep Blue in the boutique as I type! The Beauchamp Blazer was even featured in Horse & Hound as their 'Top Rated' jacket of October 2015! It's so comfy and looks amazing when teamed with a fitted shirt!

Sporting Hares Beauchamp Blazer

My preppy sporting socks I could not live without. The comfort they provide makes it feel as if I'm walking on air, so much so I wear them like slippers around the house. I'll admit... I now own three pairs!

Sporting Hares Preppy Long Socks

Finally my Sporting Hares Limited Edition Cap (yes- limited edition- these won't be around forever) is always on the back seat of my car. It's essential for the Great British weather, brilliant to keep the sun out of your eyes, but when it rains it has you covered. How? It is also protected with a DWR (durable water repellent) membrane meaning it repels the water too!

Sporting Hares Limited Edition Cap

Why am I telling you all of this? Honestly? Because I love it and would not hesitate in recommending any of Sportings products. For at least one of their items to not grace your wardrobe would be a crying shame. I'm super excited about the launch of their new Alderbury jacket this Autumn, because if it's anything like the rest, it'll be a winner! So, if you were perhaps 'ummming' and 'ahhing' about anything from Sporting Hares, trust me, treat yourself, you deserve it and you definitely won't regret it. 

Sam x

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