Country Brand Spotlight; Ness, Edinburgh

I'll admit, much to my husbands dismay, I do love a handbag! However, not just any old handbag. To me a handbag must make a statement as well as being practical. By practical ... I mean last! I do tend to spend a little more on my handbags and purses as I take one everywhere with me and quite often I end up dumping it in a horses stable so it needs to put up with alot!

Ness Womens Handbag

I first encountered Ness, Edinburgh, around 10 years ago. The range caught my eye, to be honest, it's hard to miss!  I can remember now, my very first Ness purse. It was bright pink tartan and yes, I used it to death! I think it was my first 'designer' purse when I was 20! In fact, I'm pretty sure my first lot wages were used to purchase the masterpiece! Since then I've been a huge fan, after all who wants to blend in?

Ness was actually founded in 1996, which many people don't realise. The brands aim is to spice up the high street by injecting some tartan goodness to produce a look that is chic and most importantly individual!

Ness Erica Tartan Purse

I'm super excited to be a Ness stockist in good ol' Lancashire and I can honestly say the Ness bags always get complimented everyday! I think whether you like them or not you appreciate how different they are! I am yet to find a colour I don't like and although I prefer the bags with a long strap I still love the others. All of the bags and purses are made from 70% wool and 30% polyester and I have to admit they are pretty durable! Plus the really lovely part is the lining- I know sounds odd, but each bag and purse has a beautiful lining! You have to see them to believe it!

Ness Sadie Womens Handbag

The range of styles and colours mean you have plenty to choose from and one to suit each occasion. The Edith handbag is by far my favourite with its long strap and it's a super handy size! However, the Sadie bag is perfect for a bit of 'country style' at the office and is big enough for your ipad etc. With over 20 years of experience in designing and making handbags Ness definitely know what they are doing and I look forward to more colours and designs to come.

Sam x  

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