Hi-Ho Silver; Timeless pieces for your jewellery collection.

I can't quite believe more than a month has passed since Christmas! It's completely bonkers! Last time I checked I was running around on Christmas Eve trying to do all my last minute shopping, I was so unprepared last year, in fact my New Years resolution was to actually be more prepared this year! So far so good too! Thankfully my husband was a little more prepared than me and actually surprised me with a gorgeous gift. The odd hint here and there and hey presto, I'm now the proud owner of a Hi-Ho silver ring.

Hi-Ho Silver Eggbutt Snaffle Ring Jewellry

My husband knew I'd been hankering for one since I visited Great Yorkshire Show in July. It's a classic design of an eggbutt snaffle and I fell in love with it instantly! I'm not a woman that likes too much fuss so this piece was perfect to me, nice and simple. So after a few hints (website left open, Instagram photos liked and fussed over, subtle hints of ring size) I opened my gift on Christmas Day! It's not actually the first piece I've ever had from Hi-Ho, many moons ago I actually purchased one of their Leather Team GB bracelets. With each purchase Hi-Ho donated 20% to Equestrian Team GB. Not only was the bracelet beautiful but I felt so patriotic wearing it (it's actually become my lucky charm when I compete). Plus, in my own way, I felt I'd helped a little towards Team GB's success.

Now, a few years later, I've got a beautiful ring to add to my jewellery collection.  The eggbutt snaffle design is instantly recognisable as 'equestrian', plus to me it's timeless. A classic design like this is never really going to go 'out of fashion' so to speak. Made from sterling silver it's also pretty robust, I've not really had it off so it's put up with ALOT, and it's still as good a new (much to my husband's relief).

Sam Hathaway Hi-Ho Silver Ring Lofthouse Equestrian Lifestyle Blog

If you've never come across Hi-Ho before I urge you to check them out! They make stunning pieces of jewellery not only Equestrian inspired but also Country, Valentines (hint, hint hubby), Wedding (I missed the boat on this one) and more so there is bound to be something for you, in your price range! The only problem is; Once you've had one item... you soon starting making a list for more!


Sam x

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