How to look 'Country' at the office!

Ever wanted to add a little bit of Country to your work outfit? Not really sure where to start? Well I'm here to help! I thought I'd write a blog on how to look country at the office! I think everybody automatically starts thinking about tweed when we say 'Country' but it's amazing how you can add a little bit of country into your outfit and it's much more subtle than a tweed suit! Let's face it ... a tweed skirt, although lovely, is not that practical for a day at work! So here's my top tips for adding that touch of country to your office wardrobe!

Top tip no.1: You cannot go wrong with a crisp white shirt! Not only does it look super smart (let's face it, it is a classic) it makes you feel ready for business. I absolutely love this shirt from Baleno! Not only is it super flattering but the floral detail on the cuffs means you can create two looks. First one; super formal with buttoned down cuffs. Second one: a touch of casual with turned up cuffs to show off your fun floral, country side!

Baleno Mary Shirt in White with Floral Cuffs and Collar, Ladies Fitted White Shirt

Top tip no.2: Make sure your wardrobe is full of scarves. Scarves are an easy way to add any colour to an outfit and show off your country flare! Classic designs are ones including pheasants, sheep, birds or stags! Currently I have a favourites including the Grays of Shenstone Pheasant Scarf made from Chiffron or these super cute Peony scarves with sheep on. Plus the hedgehog one is also a must have! Not comfortable enough to wear a scarf all day? Find it's too bright? Don't panic, add one to your handbag handle to show that hint of country fashion!

Peony Country Style Scarves in Robin, Sheep and Hedgehog Print

Top tip no.3: Equestrian inspired handbags are all the rage at the minute and using one is a good way of hinting at your past time! These Grays Equestrian Snaffle Bit Handbags are not only hard wearing and practical but also give that nod toward your horsey hobby! The Alice leather handbags are perfect for a day at the office, being a classic 'crook of the arm' style! Off out to the Game Fair? The Haston handbag is perfect for slinging across your shoulder leaving you free to peruse!

Grays Haston Leather Cross Body Womens Handbag, Buffalo Leather Handbag in Tan Leather with Snaffle Bit design

Top tip no.4: No outfit is complete without a smile and a nice piece of jewellery! Add a subtle hint of equine and country with a stunning necklace, bangle or ring. Hiho Silver make a stunning range of equestrian and country inspired jewellery, there is bound to be something that will catch your eye. My personal favourites are the classic Cherry Roller bracelet, teamed with matching Cherry Roller necklace in rose gold. Complete the look with a snaffle bit detailed ring and you're set to go. Beware though, you'll be bombarded with compliments about the trio so be prepared!

Hiho Silver Jewellery Cherry Roller Necklace and Cherry Roller Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold and Sterling Silver

Practicality and subtlety is key when complimenting British Country Fashion, so keep it simple and you'll stand out for your classic, elegant style.

Sam x

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