How to stay warm (yet stylish) in Winter!

Well I think the weather is slowly turning and although we had a warm day only two weeks ago I think that's the end to Summer! Although, you've got to admit, we had a cracking one! Now though we turn our thoughts to winter and we start to look at what will keep us warm when outdoors!

So how do you stay warm in the winter? To be honest most people think it's a case of wearing big bulky items but it's not actually true. We have to remember that we are active people, we like to be outdoors, most of us ride horses and so bulky clothes prohibit us doing what we need to do day to day. We need clothes that we feel comfortable in and moderate our temperature! Plus we all like to look good so there is no reason why we can't be stylish to boot!

How to stay warm in Winter blog

'What's the secret?' I hear you ask! Well, it's simple, it's all about layers! Yes I give you leave to be like Joey from friends! (I'm hoping you get that little joke!) It's actually been proven that layering clothes helps to keep you warm so much better than a single thick layer. Why? Layering helps to trap warm air in between each garment acting as an insulator. It is much more beneficial than wearing say, one large puffy coat!

So ... what would be our ideal outfit for this winter? Take a look ...

1. Let's face it ... we all love jeans and, although not the warmest at times, they are a practical necessity that we just can't live without, so we must dress well in other areas in order to stay cosy!

2. You can't go wrong with a nice shirt, this gorgeous Mary Shirt from Baleno is beautifully fitted ensuring a snug fit to your body, plus the floral extras stand out under many layers! Style shouldn't have to be sacrificed after all! Honestly? I do love a shirt, I think it's an essential, basic, necessity. You can team it with pants for work, jeans and a gilet for that country show or even with your jeans and favourite heels for a posh night out. A white shirt is so versatile so it makes it a good, easy investment!

Baleno Clothing Mary Shirt with Jeans and a Pascal Belt in Sand Colour in How to Stay Warm in Winter Blog

3. A waistcoat is essential in winter, plus when you do get warm you want the option to remove your coat to cool down a little! A lack of a waistcoat means you're asking for hypothermia when you take your coat layer off! This Sally Waistcoat from Baleno is super warm and snugly plus it's dark enough to not show any dirt when your mucking out the stable and then you realise you need to go to Tesco's for bread on the way home!

Baleno Clothing and how to stay warm in winter

4. Socks! A decent pair of socks are a must, no one likes cold toes, plus they must be long enough to go straight up to your knee for maximum effect! These Sporting Hares Preppy Long Socks are ideal! Not only do they have cushioned comfort panels and elasticated ankle support but they incorporate Quik-Dry moisture wick meaning you'll stay comfy and supported all day long! Plus Sporting Hares donate 10% of the proceeds to help the fight against Breast Cancer so your supporting a good cause too! #win

Sporting Hares Preppy Long socks are perfect for staying warm in Winter

5. A coat is obvious but at the very least it should be waterpoof, we all know your temperature drops when you gets wet so a waterproof coat with a hood is a good way to go. These Baleno Chelsea jackets are perfect, not only are they waterproof so they'll keep you really dry, they are windproof and being 3/4 length they cover your thighs nicely, enter toasty warmness!

How to stay warm in Winter by wearing layers with the Baleno Clothing Chelsea Coat

6. Apparently studies have shown that when the head is left un-protected, yet the body is effectively insulated, the bodys core temperature drops more rapidly than most people would expect (see the article all about it on BBC's website HERE). So it's important to think about your head and neck when you're trying to stay warm! A warm scarf and a hat will help reduced the chance of heat loss. For those of you who aren't keen on hats and scarves a snood and a headband are great alternatives, like these HyFASHION Avoriaz Metallic ones! Who said you can't look good whilst staying toasty eh?

Stay warm in Winter with a fleece headband

So wrap up warm, stay stylish and don't forget, layers are the way forward! Make a healthy investment and grab your key pieces this Winter!


Sam x


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