How to Survive a Winter in the Country!

After having such a fantastic summer it can be a shock to the system when Winter rears its head! Don't get me wrong I love to embrace my woolies and don my favourite bobble hat but Winter can be a tough ol'slog so here are my handy tips and tricks on how to survive this Winter easily!

1. Invest in a decent hat. Let's face it, it will be glued to your head for the next 4 months, so make it a good one! I know when I wear a hat all day I soon get an irritated forehead, which is mega itchy! That's why I love the Melrose Bobble Hats, they are completely fleece lined so it means you stay super warm and it stops any irritation before it even starts! CLICK HERE!

How to survive Winter in the Country

2. Eat well. I love the slow cooker! I never really use it during Summer as I never feel that hungry when it's hot! However, in the depths of Winter there is nothing better than coming home to a house smelling of gorgeous bbq pulled pork. The only thing I hate it cleaning the darn thing ... so invest in some of these slow cooker liners, you never have to clean the pot again ... #winningatlife > CLICK HERE!

3. Hand Cream. Winter plays havoc with my skin! Being outdoors all day can be tough on your hands, especially as we are all practical people, usually messing in freezing water! My favourite? Norwegian Hand Cream by Neutrogena! It's the only thing that stops my hands from feeling like sand paper! >CLICK HERE

 4. Face Cream. Nobody likes windburn and putting your make up on with rough cheeks makes it look awful! I swear by Youniques Royalty Night Cream. It's not the cheapest but, it makes your skin feel like velvet! It's worth every penny! >CLICK HERE

how to survive winter

5. Make the effort. It's really easy to go into hibernation during Winter. I have a habit of donning my house pants and I am not afraid to admit I can go for a good couple of days without brushing my hair. Don't fall into that trap. Take day to spend some time doing your hair and makeup, wear that gorgeous jewellery and go out. You will feel like a million dollars and that means everything!

How to survive Winter in the Country

6. A Hot water bottle. Tell me there is nothing better than getting on your settee with a snuggly blanket and grabbing that hot water bottle. It's all about that cosy night in, in Winter and these Unicorn Hot Water Bottles look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! > CLICK HERE

7. Hot Chocolate. You're not embracing winter if you're not indulging in a hot chocolate. But it must be topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and grated chocolate. We need the extra calories in order to stay warm! Obviously!

How to survive Winter in the Country

8. Layer up! The best way of staying warm, when outside, this winter is to layer up! It's actually been scientifically proven! Not sure how? Read our blog all about it! CLICK HERE! 

9. Don't let Winter put you off! It's easier said than done but if there is something you love doing make sure you do more of it and don't let the weather put you off! Indulge your interests and you'll be much more positive about the cold!

10. Surround yourself with positive people. You don't want to be around those who are all doom and gloom! You need positivity, so ditch the grumps and embrace those who's infectious sense of good fun will make Winter hurry along in no time!

Sam x

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How to Survive Winter in the Country!