Sometimes it's just too much...

I've never taken time out to really think about things. It's tricky as my life is very much go-go-go and taking time out of a busy schedule to stop and process what it actually going on is hard. Plus, it seems very unjustified. However, I'm now developing only what I can describe as a block. A mental block. I'm becoming scatter brained. I'm not processing anything, at all, making me un-productive and lacking any sort of motivation. I've lost all inspiration and it feels like I'm failing. I've done this before. I've spiraled into a vicious circle of un-productive nothing-ness and it's an awful feeling, which in turn creates more of nothing! It's just a lack of motivation  and spark. It's only been through reading alot of mindset books, watching videos and listening to podcasts that I actually register what it is now. I can also stop it before it goes too far.

learn to rest not quit quote

Taking some time for yourself is not a bad thing. Stopping what you're doing and taking a moment to appreciate things, unwind and relax is not un-productive. It is one of the most important things you can do. It doesn't mean you have to spend money and book a spa day! It could be something as simple as having a quiet bath.

Currently we are having our bathroom renovated. (Random- but hear me out). We have put up with an awful bathroom for a very long time. It had a grey suit, had a HUGE hole in the wall from an old heating system, only had a shower cubicle (with a seat in) and no bath. Plus it had an old bidet (I know!!!). It had pink tiles, at one point it even had a carpet in- we soon removed that! Now, we were  given the opportunity to have it renovated, so for the past two weeks it went from bad to even worse as we had it all ripped out! The only thing remaining was a toilet- but we couldn't flush it so we've been coping  with buckets of water. It could've been worse- but it could've been a whole lot better too! Finally, the bathroom is now complete and this evening I will get to soak in a bath for the first time in about four years! I'm actually starting to tear up just thinking about it.


My point is, it's the small things that can make us feel a whole lot better. That bath, even to me (who is really not a bath type of person) means so much! No longer having to cope with a dodgy shower that leaks, or only getting to have a 'stand up wash' in the kitchen sink. Having that moment to appreciate the small things, relax and unwind, whether it's reading a book, going for a walk or just sitting down (without guilt) and watching something random on the tv. Whatever it is you like to do, take a moment and enjoy it. Switch off from the world and have 'me time'. You will feel so much better, I promise!

walking the dog

I suppose the same goes for lots of things in life, even your horses too! If it's not working, change it, take a break. It doesn't mean it's going wrong, it doesn't mean you can't do it. It just means you need a rest. One of my favourite quotes is one from Banksy; 'If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit'. So rest, don't quit.

Sam x