The Perfect Winter Warmer .... Annabel Brocks

Two weeks ago I could have sworn the weather was turning and thoughts of Spring were starting to creep into my mind. Mornings were starting to become lighter earlier and I could manage the walk from the house to the car without my huge coat on (granted I had three layers on anyway!). Then, before I knew it, it was snowing and I clocked -5C on the car dashboard. Disappointed was not the word!

However, although I'm dreaming of Summer Sun one thing that makes me happier during Winter are my hats. You name it I've got one. Bobble Hats, headbands, beanies! I love them. Currently my favourite (for -5C temperatures!) is my Annabel Brocks faux fur reversible head warmer.

Annabel Brocks Headwarmer

Annabel Brocks first launched in 2014 with their stunning range of head warmers and have quickly grown into one of the most sought after country brands. They now have a stunning range of bags, belts, hats and even beach wear. Combining the finest fabrics and high quality faux fur an Annabel Brocks headwarmer should be on your 'must-have' list.

Not only is the head warmer super warm (I suppose it's in the name!) it's really comfy! It has a small piece of elastic (covered with the same material as the rest of the band- so to be discrete) at the back to ensure a snug fit. Plus the faux fur is incredible! It's so soft!

Annabel Brocks Headwarmer in Pink

I really like the fact that it's reversible too, it means you can always make sure it co-ordinates with your outfit and gives you two looks in one! There are a mountain of different colours and tweeds, plus they have their gorgeous Charlotte Dujardin range too so there is bound to be one that catches your eye! I'm not quite sure what possessed me to have a bright pink one, I'm not really a pink kind of girl but I clocked it and before I knew it I was walking away with carrier bag in hand!

Annabel Brocks Reversible Headwarmer

So if your fed up of cold ears I urge you to check out the Annabel Brocks website, I guarantee you'll find something on there to suit you, your outfits and make you feel a million dollars.

Sam x

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Annabel Brocks Winter Wear

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