Why Jewellery is good!

I'll be honest, I've never been a huge jewellery lover.  It's not that I never liked to wear it, it's just it was never really practical for me to, what with the horses and being a vet nurse it just seemed silly! Not too long ago I was given my Grandma's wedding ring after she, sadly, passed away and it's very sentimental to me. You see, I honestly believe jewellery captures moments. Without our life experience and memories we literally have nothing and that's what I believe jewellery captures for us! My Gramdmas wedding ring will have captured so many of her life's ups and downs, she married just after the second world war so her ring has seen her enjoy married life, work life, experience holidays, raise 4 children and all the rest that life throws at you!

Golden Wedding Band Jewellery

At 18 I was gifted a charm bracelet. I love the idea of adding 'moments' to it and what was once a very empty looking bracelet now houses a boat load of memories and captures the essence of me! I've a shoe charm on it, as I love shoes and obviously I've a horse shoe which I got after I bought Erik! I've also the Statue of Liberty charm on there after visiting New York with my sister in 2005 and I love it, but my only issue is that it's not very practical. There is no way I would wear either of these things all day every day. My grandmas ring is way too sentimental and it's also gold, I have no other gold jewellery at all so it really is a standalone piece. My charm bracelet would be bound it get stuck in a haynet or clunk that much on my desk that it would annoy me all day! I don't even wear my engagement ring as it's got lots of tiny diamonds in it so I worry about losing them in Erik's shavings bed. I bought the plainest wedding band I could find to make sure I could wear it at all times and not worry about it!

Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet, Why jewellery is good

To me jewellery is about capturing your moments and the essence of you, it's there to be enjoyed and it's something that you could pass down to your children, nieces or nephews so they had a little piece of you wherever they went.

On Christmas Day, 2017, my husband bought me a snaffle bit ring. It was me down to a tee, it embraced my inner equestrian diva and it is the most robust piece of jewellery I've ever seen! Since that day it's never left my finger and it's witnessed my biggest highs and my biggest lows. I literally eat, sleep, exercise, work, ride the horses and go to do the big shop and I NEVER take it off!

Hiho Silver Jewellery is Why Jewellery is good

Now I'd heard of the brand before and had previously been a customer when they made a leather bracelet to support the Equestrian team GB. Hiho Silver has always been on my radar but being a vet nurse, having horses and generally a very active lifestyle I never thought it would be able to keep up with me. Let's face it, it would have to take a serious battering! So I would never have bought it for myself.

Hiho Silver Cherry Roller Snaffle Bit Bracelet Bangle

My husband thought otherwise, he knew I liked the brand and after doing some digging found out that Hiho Silver was created especially for the equestrian and outdoor enthusiast with the aim of being able to keep up with their lifestyle! So whether you're at work, in a field, walking down the bread aisle at Tescos or going out for a night on the town it will go with you, without a problem! The range of choice means you will always find something you like and you've no need to worry if it will get lost in a haynet!

Hiho Silver Jewellery Range

So do me a huge favour right now, embrace your individuality, have the best experiences and make some memories by wearing your favourite jewellery. Enjoy it, cry in it, laugh in it and pass the memories on, it will tell the best story you've ever heard, your story!

Sam x

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Why Jewellery is good