7 New Years resolutions you should definitely stick to!

At Lofty HQ we are rubbish at NY resolutions, but here's our top ones that you should definitely stick to!

  1. Clean your tack more often: I'm not saying clean it daily (though that would be nice) let's be realistic and say monthly (ish).
  2. Tidy your car: Let's face, we all have a car that's smells like something has died in it. Start fresh in the New Year, then perhaps leave it a couple of weeks before you go to get bedding and feed in it. Go on! Revel in the cleanliness!
  3. Do not dwell: Everyone has a bad ride. Its normal. You are not perfect everyday so you can't expect your horse to be either. Put it down to experience and move on or it will just hold you back!
  4. Video: Apparently it's the new 'thing'.. so take a video, watch yourself ride, there is no better way to learn than to see yourself.
  5. Don't try to be perfect: Perfection is frustrating and never realistically achievable, strive for progress every day.
  6. Surround yourself with positivity: Ever doubt you'll reach your goals? Surround yourself with people who'll help you reach your goals and not dampen your spirit!
  7. Don't rush: When it's Winter and freezing cold it so easy to hurry and get the horses done quickly so you can get home, get warm and crack open the wine. But, they've been waiting for you all day, so spend some time with them, and remember Summer success is made in the Winter!

Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year, may it be your best yet!

Sam x

Summer Success