7 things riding a horse teaches you!

I cannot imagine what life would be like without a horse. How would I spend my evenings and weekends? I've been riding since the age of 6 and its definitely a way of life for me, much to my husband's dismay, but it's surprising how many life lessons they have taught me! So here's my top 7 reasons why horse riding is good for the soul!

 horse hooves

  1. They stop you from getting big-headed. One minute your flying high, you've had success, you're the best thing since sliced bread! Next, you're picking yourself back up, either emotionally or physically!
  1. You gain independence! When you look after a half ton beast everyday you soon learn to be self sufficient, let's face it no-one who isn't horse mad is gonna help you muck out on Christmas day! Officially your what we call a 'doer' up north!
  1. You learn to listen. Its surprising what you pick up on as a rider, you find a new level of communication with your horse and it comes in handy when dealing with others too! We use body language when communicating with our horses and this accounts for up to 90% of dealing with people as well!

 horse grazing in field

  1. Patience, yes you gain alot of this! Why, I hear you ask? Because they TRY your patience EVERYDAY! Yet, somehow, you rise above and are the picture of serenity (90% of the time).
  1. You learn to be a financial whizz. Yes, its surprising what little money you can live on whilst your horse basks in luxury 5 star accommodation with the latest hi-tech rug that monitors his temperature! Baked Beans for tea every night is totally fine!

 motivational horse quote

  1. Balance, co-ordination, organisation, you're a multi-tasking legend! We don't have time to mess about, tea is on, washing is done, horse is mucked, ridden, bathed, plaited and wrapped up in rugs ready to do it all again tomorrow!
  1. Dignity- you learn how to maintain it. One way or another you will always be able to dust yourself off, stand tall and maintain every ounce of respect even when your full of mud, have ripped your breeches and can do nothing but hobble back to the wagon.

Horses...where would we be without them? Apart from on holiday!

Sam x