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I'm fairly new to the entrepreneurial world. I'll admit, starting and managing a business is the hardest thing I have ever done. To be honest I'm not sure how I keep going sometimes but I will say I've delved heavily into the 'self-help' books and the one thing they consistently mention is mental attitude. Even in British Dressage's recent magazine they discuss motivation and mindset as part of their Wellbeing series and it's really resonated with me. You're never productive if you're feeling negative and this goes for everything in life. Even recently Charlotte Dujardin has spoken about battling depression following on from her success at the 2012 London Olympics (I'll link the article below). It happens to the best of us and it's nothing to be ashamed about, but we have to be aware of it so we can move on.

'You become what you think about' Napoleon Hill

All horse riders experience huge highs and mega lows when competing and training and I find it's even worse during Winter months. It's so easy to fall into a negative way of thinking, but this can impact us massively decreasing confidence and motivation. There are three things that I feel really help me.

The first is support by those closest. Being surrounded by negative people who do not support your choices instantly creates self doubt. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and will be there for you through the good and the bad is like a big, fluffy hug at the end of a very stressful day.

horse riding can have lots of highs and lows

The second is to have a vision. I actually created a secret board on Pinterest which I call my 'vision board'. I've pinned all sorts of things on it to help remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing and to help to give me motivation when times are hard. I have pinned various things from favourite dressage riders and trainers to help inspire me!

The third, surprisingly enough, is YouTube. I love YouTube, it has a plethora of amazing videos that really motivate you. I love watching all the clips of the professional dressage riders, the training sessions, demos and I'm really starting to enjoy watching vlogs. It's really interesting to see how some horse riders manage their horses day to day and you pick up some great tips! They've even motivated me to start my own vlogs and what surprised me even more is that people have started to subscribe to my channel!

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There are plenty of different things you can do to help get you into a more positive mindset. It won't happen overnight and to begin with the slightest thing can knock you back but perseverance is key. Sometimes changing the smallest thing in your day can help get you off to a flying start. Whether it's doing 10 minutes of exercise when you get up, or watching a motivational video on YouTube, listening to a mindset podcast on your way to work. It all helps.

There are many sports psychologists, coaches and athletes who swear by thinking positively to help them achieve their goals. It's through sheer determination, hard work and the mental grit of resilience we can achieve our dreams and you can't do any of that with a bad mindset.

'Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change' Gautama Buddha

So here's to positive thinking... (she says holding her glass of wine, very, very high)!

Sam x

If you're interested, the recent Daily Mail article about Charlotte Dujardin's battle with depression is definitely worth a read, here's the link >

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