How to get a grey horse clean

Need to know how to get a grey horse clean? I feel your pain, I also own a Grey horse who wants to be a Dun. They're easy to come by. Honestly, I love a grey and they are stunning, when they're clean. However, the thought of the effort it takes to make them clean fills me with dread. Light coloured horse owners, we've all been there... grooming, bathing, bandaging to within an inch of your life. Hoods, fleeces, outdoors rugs, full body wraps. You name it! Then, it's as if they know, the only spot you couldn't cover with material now has the biggest stable stain you've ever seen. Better yet, it's ingrained. Yep, I feel your pain. Don't worry, I have your answer and no, it's not 'buy a black one instead'.

A dirty grey horse

Last month I came across a magic spray. I'll admit I was sceptical. In fact, I laughed in many people's faces. I declared, 'this will not work'... how very wrong I was.

Equi-XTREME has launched into the UK market recently. It has been specifically formulated for effective, gentle grooming and they have a whole range of products from whitening shampoos, to fly spray and even leather care. It's backed by a whole load of sponsored riders including the likes of Michael Jung and Peter Thomson to name a couple.  I gave their Equi-XTREME Stain Removing Coat Whitener Spray a whirl... here's how I got on:


 So as you can see, I'm a convert! I've tried alot of these stain removing, all singing, all dancing sprays and never had these kind of results! I urge you to check it out and give it a go, you might be just as pleasantly surprised as me!


Sam x

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