How to get your arse back into gear!

Today I sat down and started editing my weekly vlog. It was pants. Why? Because it didn't tell a story, it was just documenting my very boring day. You see, since April I haven't really done much riding, I've dropped the ball. I told myself at the beginning that I need a break and Erik needed  to rest his pelvis, then Crunchie needed to enjoy some turnout after being stuck in all Winter, Oh... and Mea is semi retired so she needs to enjoy down time. Do you hear it too? Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

how to get your arse into gear motivational blog

Basically I think I've just become lazy. I've always been a very proactive person and my husband will vouch for the fact that if I sit still for too long I just become annoying. I like being busy. However, sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and before you know it, you're making your day 'easy' and just going through the basic motions. What happens then? You don't progress. When you don't see progression you actually start doing less again. Then over time you're doing bugger all and you're royally hacked off! 

how to get motivated when your feeling lazy

Riding my horses and spending time with them is my hobby. It's the thing I do to de-stress and it's the time I take for me. SO why am I neglecting it? I feel so much better after I have ridden and it's funny how editing my vlog has made me realise I'm not appreciating them and I even think the herd look a bit fed up. So how do I get out of this rut? Well, I thought a few people might also feel the same, maybe you've had a break over Summer too, and you need some ideas on how to get motivated again!  So I thought I'd give you some top tips on how to get your arse back into gear!

1. Get up on time! Sounds so easy doesn't it? I am partial to the snooze button but straight way that puts you in the wrong mindset. You're already thinking negatively about the day ahead if you're pressing snooze! It won't be easy but when you hear the alarm, GET UP straight away! Honestly, you will feel 100% better that you're on time! Plus snoozing makes you more groggy which in turn makes you less optimistic and much more grumpy.

2. Listen or watch something motivational. I love a podcast or a motivational video and it can be really good listening to something like this as you start your day. Even if it's just whilst you have a shower! I've started watching some dressage riders on you tube, I find people like Olivia Towers very inspirational and it motivates me to crack on!

3. Do one thing different every day. What's that saying again? 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got' (Henry Ford). I've started by just tacking up and hacking out, no I'm not training yet, but it's a small difference to my day. It's almost like a diet, if you go cold turkey your less likely to stick to it!

if you always do what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got quote

4. Look after yourself. Again, it sounds obvious, but when life gets busy we often neglect ourselves. In fact, I can hardly remember the last time I washed my hair! Sad, but true! So feed yourself with good and you'll automatically feel so much better! If you fancy some tips on getting more organised, especially for Winter! Read my blog on 'Ponies, Prosecco and Power Naps; The work - horse - life balance', I give some handy tips on how to cope with a busy lifestyle! CLICK HERE!

5. Set small goals and MAKE SURE you accomplish them. We all start to feel low when we lack a sense of achievement. Once you've ticked that goal off your list you will feel more positive which in turn creates productivity. As Tony Robbins says 'It's not about the goal. It's about growing to become the person that can accomplish the goal'. Start small, before you know it, you'll have hit that big one you've been thinking about for ages. 

how to get your arse into gear motivational blog

6. Face your fears. Sometimes I think I'm worried I might not achieve my goal so I make excuses. I'd love for Crunchie to get me my tail coat. I'd love to ride at a high level on a horse I have trained myself, from day dot! I know Crunchie has the ability it's just sometimes I doubt that I'm the one that will make him shine. However, that is not going to happen if I don't crack on and work hard. As a wise person once said 'The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it!' (Mal Pancoast).

So it's time to crack on again, and for those of you who have asked I will be vlogging mine and Crunchies journey together so make sure you subscribe to our You Tube channel HERE! I suppose this blog is making me accountable now! I will, actually, have to start doing all of this! So if you would like some accountability too, comment below and we'll do this together!

Sam x 

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How to get your arse back into gear motivational blog