Just take your breeches off!

I honestly never thought I'd write this blog. I mean, leggings? Really? I've always trusted breeches, they have never let me down in support, style, stickiness or for concealing my cellulite! However, recently I've been intrigued by the 'riding leggings'!

HKM Starlight Riding Leggings Product Review

Now I know what you're thinking! They're too thin! Not flattering! Not supportive and certainly not sticky! We'll actually, I disagree... this is why;

Recently HKM Sports Equipment launched their range of Starlight Riding Leggings. In all honesty, I've never looked back! Breeches are a thing of the past to me now, why would I want them when I can have these?

HKM's leggings are made from 65% cotton, 30% nylon and 5% elastane, what does this mean? It means they are SUPER comfortable but surprisingly supportive. I thought once I pulled them on I'd feel naked and my chubby thighs would wobble like jelly, but no! They stayed where thighs should and maintained some composure! I was gobsmacked to say the least! They were even thick enough to hide my underwear lines! Whoop!

Starlight Horse Riding Leggings

Now, when I say they are super comfy... I honestly mean it! Gone are the days where I would take my socks and breeches off to find huge marks on my legs where the seams had been! I never have to think twice before bending over incase I get my belly nipped by an unruly button! Forgotten are the velcro rubs on my ankles! It's comfort all the way! The leggings are literally pull on, seam free, button free and now have a comfy elastic ankles as opposed to velcro. They also boast two handy pockets on the front, to store your polos for your 4- legged friend! Obviously!

Worried they're not sticky? I recently had an interesting ride on one of our quirky horses 'Erik'... he is known by other names, I'll not repeat them. I thought that's it! I'm a goner! In brand new legwear! But... I remained in the saddle, completely cool, calm and collected! The silicone knee patch is super sticky and I didn't even notice I wasn't wearing a full seat breech!  Phew!

 The leggings are available in a range of gorgeous colours and at only £44.00 a pair who could say no? They're half the price of some of the most uncomfortable breeches I own! Bargain! Don't believe me? Try them, if you're not happy we offer a fab returns policy!

Sam x