Product Review: SKUP: A feed scoop with teeth!

There is definitely a place for a SKUP in every horse riders feed bin. The 2015, BETA International, Innovation Award winning scoop has made my life a lot easier down at the yard.

SKUP feed scoop with teeth by HUF deisgn

The integrated teeth help to break up that stubborn, compacted mix that usually takes a trowel to collect, plus it's much better quality than a cheaper ordinary scoop, meaning it can take a 'bit of welly' without you worrying about broken bits of plastic in your feed bin! The only downside to this is that it is more expensive than most- the cheapest I can currently find is £8.55, however for those of us who usually buy a £1 scoop from the local supermarket, it will last a lot longer!

SKUP horse feed scoop

The only issue I've found is that it doesn't scoop up chaff as easy as the mix- this is a given as chaff isn't the easiest to scoop anyway! This point does not detract from the other positives this scoop has to offer. The biggest bonus of these scoops are the easily read measurements marking the 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 point- something I've found most useful for our horse prone to Laminitis. It's ideal for those on a tailored diet ensuring no-one can over or under feed! A level scoop is much easier to measure in the round design, meaning no food drops off the edge like your average scoop! It's lightweight to use, easy to clean, doesn't fall over when you place it on the floor and comes in a multitude of different colours- no mistaking whose scoop is whose at the yard!

I really would recommend the SKUP for ease of use, plus it's invaluable for those on a restricted diet- measuring made easy!

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