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equine craniosacral therapy

What is Equine Craniosacral Therapy and how will it benefit my horse? by Alice Cuff

Releasing the fascial tissue and improving the craniosacral rhythm helps improve the horse’s overall wellbeing.
Bonding with your horse

Connecting with your horse as a sensitive and thinking individual by Robyn Harris

Every horse, like every human, is an individual, so it can be misleading to make broad generalisations.  Horses come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and also temperaments.  There are also a wide range of training methods to choose from, so which one is right for you and your horse?  Which one will help you to develop that special relationship that you've always dreamed of?
Read Your Horses Body Language

How to Read Your Horses Facial Expressions & Body Language

Humans have had a close association with horses for hundreds and thousands of years. Over the long period of time, attempts have been made by many to understand the nature of horses by studying their behavior in different circumstances.
Life with a neurotic thoroughbred

Life with a Neurotic Thoroughbred by Nicola Porter

He can be spooky, sharp and is extremely sensitive, not forgetting his amazing ability to self harm! There were times in the beginning when I thought I’d taken on too much.

Keeping Your Horse Cool In Rising Temperatures by Horsemart

Keeping Your Horse Cool In Rising Temperatures by Horsemart

There are plenty of ways to help keep your horse cool during the rising summer temperatures. Keeping your horse cool and well hydrated can prevent many health conditions. 
competition nerves pyscology blog

Conquering your competition fears, banning the competition nerves by Daniel Petho

Any rider or athlete will have undoubtedly experienced a bout of competition nerves in their sporting life and with it, can see just how debilitating this can be to us. Daniel Petho, of D.P Equine & Sports Performance Psychology tells us how we can eliminate our competition nerves through the use of psychology.
A new year, a new start blog

A New Year, A New Start? by Kelly Goddard

How many of us wait until January 1st to begin our new horsey training regime? I have to admit, here at Lofthouse Equestrian, not a year goes by without, 'Let's just get Christmas out of the way and then we'll really move them on'. We start the New Year with ever increasing optimism and energy.... as long as it falls on a Monday... You can't start anything until Monday.
The Do’s & Don’ts of Equestrian Clothing – Winter Edition by Lydia Duce

The Do’s & Don’ts of Equestrian Clothing – Winter Edition by Lydia Duce

You wouldn’t go skiing in the alps without thermals, gloves and a big warm coat. You wouldn’t play football without the correct trainers and shin pads. So, I hope you wouldn’t ride a horse without the correct hat, boots and breeches.
Apt Cavalier Performance Clothing

Are you reaching your full potential? by Sarah Johnstone

Sweaty, overheating riders are more likely to make mistakes; when your body temperature starts to increase, the blood flow to the skin increases and puts strain on the heart.
Fake it 'til you make it

Fake it ‘til you make it! by Katie Tysome

Like so many people, my confidence took a tumble as I got older and had kids. I can’t really pinpoint a particular cause but it’s something that crept up on me!
Terrible twos and terrifying threes!

Terrible twos & terrifying threes! by Nicola

'She was beautiful and just floated across the ground. Naively I liked dressage and thought the answer was simply to buy a "proper dressage horse".....
How horse-riding improvees your health by The Stable Company

How horse-riding improves your health by The Stable Company

A horse-ride a day keeps the doctor away. What? You’ve never heard that before? Well, it might just be about to catch on.