Terrible twos & terrifying threes! by Nicola

I have to say, I've been completely overwhelmed by the response to our 'quirky horse' blog (READ IT HERE). It is extremely reassuring to know I'm not on my own as I attempt to manage Crunchie on his 'difficult' days. We've had so many people write to us with their stories of 'perseverance' and struggles, but one story in particular stood out to me from Nicola. In 2009 Nicola bought her dream horse, a 9 month old filly.....

'She was beautiful and just floated across the ground. Naively I liked dressage and thought the answer was simply to buy a "proper dressage horse". 

Filly foal

Now I am far from stupid (I am degree educated and run my own business) but thought this was going to be a relatively straightforward learning journey. How wrong I was! My beautiful affectionate little bundle of joy turned into a volatile explosive bundle of feet and teeth on regular occasions and grew way past the 16 hh I wanted.  I've had the terrible twos, terrifying threes, frantic fours and the downright f'ing fives!! Mix into that a desire to damage herself at every given opportunity, it was a vertical learning pole (rather than curve!).

Horse rearing

Fast forward a few years, several badly bitten parts of the body, a separated shoulder joint and two broken fingers. She is now 9 years old and (fingers crossed) starting to mature. Last year we did summer BD Novice Regionals and came last with the lowest score of the 4 days. Two days ago we competed at elementary in this years Regionals in an absolute deluge of rain (which historically would have resulted in my hysterical cancellation and tears in the truck!) gaining a decent score and actually not looking out of place for once! She was no longer that "naughty black mare"!!

British Dressage Regional Championships
Long may it continue, although I am realistic and take the two steps forward knowing there will probably be 1.9 steps back tomorrow!

Massive thank you to Nicola for sharing her story. I think it just goes to show that everyone has bad days.. what's that saying again? 'You never fail until you stop trying'... good old Albert Einstein!

Sam x

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