The Do’s & Don’ts of Equestrian Clothing – Winter Edition by Lydia Duce

Hello there!

So, if you are reading this blog you are probably curious as to what you could actually be doing wrong when you are buying equestrian clothing? Believe me, there was also a time when I didn’t think you could possibly do anything wrong either.

Often, I think we can forget that horse riding is a sport and of course with any sport, you need the right clothing and equipment to be safe and supported, especially in harsh winter conditions! You wouldn’t go skiing in the alps without thermals, gloves and a big warm coat. You wouldn’t play football without the correct trainers and shin pads. So, I hope you wouldn’t ride a horse without the correct hat, boots and breeches. So what should and shouldn’t you be doing when it comes to your riding equipment and clothing?


Here are some small points for consideration this winter;


>Don’t layer incorrectly!

Layering is indeed the most effective way to stay warm. However, you don’t need bulk to be warm. I recommend that you start with a synthetic base layer like our LD Equestrian Sapphire Base Layer, add a mid-layer for your torso such as a fleece or even one of our LDE Classic Hoody’s and then finish off with a waterproof, breathable coat.

LD Equestrian Hoodie

>Do remember your Hi-Viz!

Be safe, be seen. By making yourself more visible to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, the chances of an accident can be reduced. Riding in rural areas incorporates dark country roads and tight bends. Urban areas are also extremely hazardous due to shadowed pavements and busy movement.


>Don’t neglect extremities! 

Even the best technical clothing cannot always fully protect you against harsh weather conditions. It may be tempting to base your outfit on how conditions look outside but you should always check the weather as it can change throughout the course of the day.


>Do remember to wear a hat. 

Due to thermoregulation, our head is one of the areas of skin that loses heat the fastest. Be sure to have a warm winter hat that covers your ears.


>Don’t forget to invest in the correct footwear.

Never neglect protection for yourself, especially when partaking in any sport, especially horse riding. It is always crucial to invest in sturdy, waterproof riding boots but it is even more important in winter to avoid injury or ailment.


>Do stay clear from cotton.

It is true although cotton is a comfortable clothing material it is not your best friend when layering for winter. This is because it has not technical properties which allow it to absorb moisture but then let it go. Basically, cotton traps sweat and water which, in winter, will make you even more cold and wet. Not ideal.

LD Equestrian Jacket

>Don’t invest in the wrong breeches.

When purchasing new breeches, I plead that you research the technical attributes to benefit you and ensure that you get real value for your money. Plus, the entire reason that you wear breeches to ride in is for the technical construction of them. They allow you freedom of movement and comfort when riding, the seams are designed to avoid irritation and finally silicone grip is designed to aid your position.


For Winter, warmth is especially important. But, we also don’t want to associate warmth then with perspiration. Invest in some breeches with a thermal regulating and moisture wicking fabric lining to ensure that you keep warm but also comfortable. Our LDE ProTech Grip Breeches offer this.

LD Equestrian Breeches

>Do remember to keep stylish!

Warm, protective clothing doesn’t need to be dull! You can still keep stylish this Winter, LD Equestrian offers a lot of stylish clothing to benefit you in all conditions. Later this month we will releasing even more products to benefit you. Stay tuned!


Much Love,

Lydia x 

Founder and Director of LD Equestrian Clothing


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