The quirky ones ditch you, but the quirky ones win!

2008. That was the year it all started. It still amazes me to this day that we actually did it. We bought a 5 month old foal. Accidentally. Well... I suppose accidentally is a bit strong, let's just say we didn't plan on actually buying anything, we just pottered down to Addingtons Elite Auction and came back with Crunchie. Bought due to the 'credit crunch of 2008'... hence his name. He's acquired a few new names since then, none of which are repeatable on here! 
the expert in anything was once a beginner

Crunchie, or 'Dancing Diamond' as he is known in the competition ring, is one of the most stunning animals I've ever been fortunate to ride. He actually belongs to my sister but she gave me the ride when he was 4 years old and I must admit I've never ridden anything quite like him. He's beautiful, strong, powerful and extremely quirky. With Sandro Hit in his bloodlines we were told he'd either be hot headed and sharp OR lazy and spooky. Unfortunately we got the latter. One minute you're trying to convince him that going forward is the best thing to do, next your careering round the arena at 100 miles an hour holding on for dear life! 


Quite a few people have asked why I bother with him, 'sell him' they say. 'It's easier'. 'Let someone else deal with him'. Yes, we could sell him, yes it would be easier, yes it would be safer. But. I'll never meet another Crunchie. I'll never get chance to sit on another horse quite like him, who does flying changes for fun, who, without breaking into a sweat can gain 75% in a dressage test. Yes, he might eliminate me the following day! That's the risk we take with a quirky horse. They're talented, they're intelligent and they can stun us with how amazing they can be. They can also ditch us in two seconds flat and eliminate you in one of the most important tests you'll ever ride!

Crunchie horse nose

What will I gain out of riding him? Patience! Lots of patience! The ability to improve my riding beyond my wildest dreams. I'll experience both failure and success like I've never known. I'll gain a better understanding of the relationship between horse and rider and hopefully, I'll gain a best friend.

Sam x

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