What is Equine Craniosacral Therapy and how will it benefit my horse? by Alice Cuff

Our latest guest blog is by Alice Cuff , founder of Instinctively Equine - Equine Massage and Holistic Therapy. Alice explains what Equine Craniosacral Therapy is and how it can massively benefit your horse! 

Horses face many traumas in their life, these are not just physical, and as their owners / riders we must also consider the impact of their psychological health. Working with a therapist that takes a holistic approach to their treatments can have a larger impact on your horse’s overall wellbeing.

Equine Craniosacral therapy is on the increase in the UK, it’s an energy based therapy which releases restrictions in the fascial and musculoskeletal system. Craniosacral therapy was developed by an Osteopath, William Sutherland in the early 20th century. Sutherland discovered that the skull was not fixed and in fact there was a rhythm to the movement of the cranial bones. As a practitioner the focus is on the cranial bones and the sacrum, following the course of the spinal column, looking to restore the natural ‘Craniosacral Rhythm’ which impacts a horse’s entire body. This is done by releasing any restricted movement of the bones. There is no physical manipulation as it’s an energy based therapy and works by applying your hands gently to specific areas, allowing the horse’s body to adjust in it’s own time. The therapy works on the fascial tissue as when this becomes tight and restricted it applies pressure to the bones and can cause them to shift. Working to release these areas returns the body to alignment. Certain restrictions can cause your horse to have a lack of concentration, nervousness and restlessness as well as many physical symptoms.

holistic therapies for your horse

Releasing the fascial tissue and improving the craniosacral rhythm helps improve the horse’s overall wellbeing. It can be beneficial to certain conditions such as issues with the TMJ and has been known to help some cases of head shaking. When the fascial tissue becomes restricted it has an effect not only on the bones but also the muscles as it’s the connective tissue that creates a network through the entire body. By working on the horse’s body as an entirety and restoring it’s natural balance it is enabling the horse to move better, improving their overall flexibility and range of movement and improve their mental wellbeing, reducing anxiety and increasing concentration. All of this can help prevent further injuries and improve the overall partnership of you and your horse.


If you would like to know more with regards to holistic therapies please do not hesitate to contact Alice via her website or her facebook page, links are below!