You're never too old...

The variety of people that ride horses amazes me. It doesn't seem to matter what age you are, so long as you have a love for the equine kind nothing will stop you from enjoying them. I speak to alot of people who quite often say they are too old to take up riding as a hobby. They have 'always wanted to have a go' but time's ticked on and now they feel they can't due to one reason or another. Or many people say they aren't 'good enough' to have a go competing so they just 'potter about' on the lanes and hack out.

Want to know my response? Rubbish!

dressage competition

There are so many people that don't start riding until a later age. Yes I was a very lucky little girl and was given the opportunity to own a pony from just 6 years old. My niece is even luckier in that she has a horsey mad mum and auntie so she's been happily clambering on our 15.2hh Irish Sports Horse (who is worth her weight in gold) and demanding to 'ride' at just 2 years old. Her confidence amazes me, there is no stopping her and tears that ensue after prising her off are heartbreaking! However, not everyone is as lucky and it might not be until much later in life before you get the opportunity to have a go. That does not mean it's too late.

horse riding hacking out

Don't get me wrong, it's not without it's hardships and, trust me, you don't 'bounce' quite the same as an adult as opposed to when you're a child! But, if you have the passion and the drive there is nothing to say you can't do it. I find such inspiration in the likes of Carl Hester, who didn't 'seriously' start riding until the age of 21 and just look at what he has achieved! Prior to that he rode a few donkey's and ponies around the island of Sark where he grew up.  Another inspirational rider is Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan, who competed at the London Olympics 2012 at 71 years of age! Not only is that amazing but it shows if you are dedicated, persevere and focus on training you can achieve your aspirations! Hiroshi told Yahoo Sports in an interview that his 'secret to have a good life' was to 'enjoy yourself and do the things that make you happy'... so if hacking down the lane makes you happy, or if aspiring to ride in the next Olympics makes you happy, go for it! The only person holding you back, is you!

Sam x

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