7 Gift Ideas for Him!

I know, Men can be difficult to buy for! I find with my husband it's all about, quality basics, so here's a few ideas for the man in your life!

1. Got a man cave? Add that true manly style. This is for the Whiskey lover and it looks ace on the wall of a man cave! > CLICK HERE

Is it Whisky O'Clock yet sign

2. Farmer life? You can't get much more manly than a tractor, a land rover and a few cows and sheep...but they won't fit under the tree! Enter a HUGE Sophie Allport On the Farm Mug!

Sophie Allport On The Farm Mug

3. If you're fed up of having to buy your man a wallet every year then this one is for you. A proper sturdy leather wallet ... check out this buffalo leather wallet from Grays of Shenstone! Plenty of room for cards, coins and cash ... you'll always know where to raid for gin tokens!

Grays of Shenstone Leather Wallet

4. Everyone needs a good quality baseball cap! Plus the best bit about these Sporting Hares ones are they have a Durable Water Repellent Coating on them so water literally runs off! Perfect for all year round, these are a shooting mans must-have!

Sporting Hares Limited Edition Baseball Cap

5. A daily essential in any mans wardrobe are these fab Pascal Belts from Baleno! They are mega stretchy and do exactly what they say on the tin!

Baleno Pascal Belts

6. A good old fashioned watch. A must have for the busy man, plus how else are they going to know how late we are? This Grays of Shenstone Stag Watch with two tone fabric strap is a great little gift for everyday wear!

Grays of Shenstone Stag Fabric Watch

7. I realise these aren't every mans cup of tea but, for some, they are! A nice little stocking filler are these Hiho Silver Twin Stranded Plaited Bracelets. They are hard wearing and finish with a lobster clip, perfect for casual or dressing up. 

Hiho Silver Plaited Leather Bracelet

Sam x

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7 Gift Ideas for Him

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