Buy well, buy once - is it a complete crock of .... rubbish?

Buy well, buy once - is it a complete crock of  .... rubbish? I'm very conscious of the price of things. Let's face it, who isn't? I am the worst one for hunting round, deciding if the quality and need is worth the cost. It's a difficult subject and quite often I am asked my opinion on a product and if it's worthy of the money being asked.

Buy well, buy once ... is it a crock of rubbish?

I always remember when I first moved in with my husband- then fiancé- (where the heck has THAT time gone?). I was so excited to go for our first 'big shop'. Random, but it was something normal that couples do and it was nice to get into the swings of normal 'we now live together' couple goals! Yes I was so sad and naive!

I grabbed my trolley and was laden with my carrier bags and we set off down the aisle! All was going well with no real concerns except for when we got to the bread. Now I like a slice of bread, my chunky thighs think it's bad for me but a good chip butty cannot be beaten (can't you tell I'm a Lancashire lass through and through)! However, as I reached for the cheapest loaf I could find, Martyn questioned me. 'Really? It doesn't make a good butty?' .....  Pardon'e'moi? Doesn't make a good butty? Course it does! Bread is just bread? Honestly!

Buy well, buy once, analogy of bread

I persevered and took home my cheap bread. I sat down that evening and dug into my favourite meal,  sausage, mash and beans (yes you read that right!) and started to make my butty! Well ... what happened?  It fell apart. I had sauce all over me, dripping down my hand (I HATE messy eating) and I was completely dissatisfied!  I ended up grabbing another slice to try and rectify the situation but I was just patching up a bad butty. So essentially it cost me more as I'd now had two slices and not only were my thighs tutting at me but my stomach was telling my head I was too full which made me feel crap. I looked down at my soggy mess and was pretty miffed! The following day, Martyn came home with another, more expensive loaf (a whole 50p more expensive! That's twice the price!). I had my tea, with one slice of bread. I enjoyed it, it tasted good, I felt satisfied and my hands were food free! I still had plenty of slices for the rest of the week and I wasn't annoyed. However, we'd now spent even more money on bread! 

Buy well, buy once with a Ness Clancy Tartan Purse

Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's not possible to always get the most expensive bread. We all have to be realistic with our shopping budget. But! I did learn one thing. I'd rather go without the butty and manage then have a butty that is crap and falls apart in two minutes.

Bread to me is a staple item in my diet. It probably shouldn't be, but it is! I honestly believe, and I truly mean this, that staple items should be the very best that you can afford. They will last you longer, make you feel better and in the long run be value for your money. What does this mean? You'll spend less in the long run. Staple clothes are much like the bread. Buy well, buy once!

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Don't get me wrong, nothing lasts forever, but some things last longer than others. Some things put up with a lot more than others and some things will surpass all your expectations when you least expect it. So if you can, wait, save up, be patient and get the better bread. A soggy mess is disheartening and you work hard enough to deserve and enjoy a good chip butty!

Sam x

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