Spring/Summer Country Fashion Trends 2019

Woman sitting on bench wearing tweed blazer, jeans and country boots

There is one thing we love at this time of year! That's finding out the latest Spring/Summer fashion trends. It doesn't feel like it but Spring is on it's way and as the night start getting lighter and warmer our Winter knits start to get pushed to the back of the wardrobe in favour of lighter blouses and gilets!

So what is in store for us this Spring/Summer when it comes to British Country Fashion? We'll here's our low down for 2019!

1. Colours: London Fashion Week 2019 is approaching and we are sure there will be allsorts of wonderful showcased, from beige to neon! One thing that always strikes us are how unrealistic these colours are in terms of us country lovers! We do not want to be in the middle of a muddy field in a full outfit of neon yellow! However, a mustard knitted jumper, teamed with a tweed skirt is another thing! Spring and Summer for us Brits means nautical colours so navy, deep red, mustard ... all practical, thankfully!

Woman wearing country style striped shirt, jeans and country boots

2. Patterns: Both a blessing and a curse patterns can either be flattering or a complete no go! Stripes seem to be a recurring theme along with classic check (so think shirts here!). Navy and white stripes are a good go-to and let's face it they go with pretty much anything! Animal prints are also a strong contender for this Spring, but don't overdo that too much. Subtly is key, maybe stick with accessories, for example an animal print belt, bag and shoes!

Woman sitting on settee wearing navy striped shirt, jeans and striped socks in pink and grey

3. Accessories: Country style accessories are a must have! Whether your styling a country work outfit or off for a day shooting it's your accessories that compete any look to give it that British Country Style! Absolute essentials are scarves, usually with a nod to equestrian or country, so horse bit print, farm animal print, flowers etc. Belts are a must, either fabric or leather and can really finish off an outfit whilst also being practical and flattering. We would suggest a good quality one, belts are an essential item and a good quality one will last you a long time! Spring/Summer country hats are all about the straw hat and, of course, the classic felt fedora never goes out of style! Jewellery is also an essential, not only can it give a subtle nod toward the country look it can also make you feel unique. We highly recommend Hiho Silver. Not only is the range beautiful it's also made with the country and equestrian lover in mind, so you know it's sturdy and practical! Read our blog all about Hiho Silver HERE!

Womans hand showing equestrian inspired jewellery from Hiho Silver Jewellery

4. Handbags: We know, these are also classed as accessories but we feel they need a little paragraph all to themselves! This season we honestly think it will be about making a classic statement! Plus they also need to be practical! Tartan bags are currently on our radar along with classic styled leather pieces like the one below from Grays of Shentone. The important bit being practicality, handbags never look good if it's awkward for you to carry! Check out our blog all about Ness, if you're searching for a statement handbag, HERE!

womans equestrian inspired leather handbag in tan leather

5. Essentials: Country style is classic and let's face it, there's not a huge amount of change when it comes to certain pieces. Tweed is always a must have in the Country world, whether that's a tweed skirt, tweed handbag, tweed purse or tweed jacket you can't really go wrong. One thing you shouldn't do is wear it all in one outfit. Mix up a classic white shirt with a tweed skirt and a belt, hey presto, you're 'country chic' walking into that office! Wax jackets are always a good buy too! Just make sure it is a good quality one, so it will last you a long time and give a flattering look- that bit is a must! Not sure? Read our blog all about buy well, buy once HERE!

woman in countryside wearing tweed wool blazer ,jeans and country tweed boots

So that's our round up of this years 2019 Spring/Summer Country Fashion. The most important bit is to remain practical, functional and therefore you'll be comfortable. We all know, if you feel comfy, you'll look good, no matter what you're wearing!

Loftys x

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