The struggles of an Everyday Horse Rider

I'm an avid Dressage fanatic. I love watching tests, I love the training, the competition environment and getting feedback. I'm not particularly brilliant. I've qualified for two regional championships. The first I couldn't go to as the bloody horse was lame. The second I got fantastically eliminated because my horse stopped dead and walked backwards out of the arena. So it's safe to say I've had my ups and downs.

The struggles of a horse rider

I am not a professional. I don't claim to be anything other than an ambitious amateur who has passion for the sport. I felt compelled to write this blog today. This is for all the riders who hold down a full time job, meaning they have to ride at 9pm in the evening. This is for the riders who get stuck on perfecting a 20 metre circle only to realise at the end of your training session that's all you've done, ride a 20 metre circle. This is for the riders who visit the toilet 20 times before a competition and consider withdrawing until you realise it's cost you £100 just to get there so you're at least going to get that bloody piece of paper.

You are not alone, for I am here with yoooouuuu... (whoops, sorry MJ).

I'm not really sure what it is about horses. I've been hooked since I was 6 years old and I was the most nervous child you could've met. I cried nearly every day. I was ditched almost every day and in some spectacular ways to! (Imagine a very large puddle and a very naughty mounted games pony- it wasn't pretty). However, 23 years later and I'm still here, clinging on for life spending in-ordinate amounts of money, crying, laughing, pretty much going though every spectrum of human emotion. Why? Because I can't live without them.

Hacking out

Horses just have something about them. I can't really put it into words, but I know I'd feel lost without going to the yard every day. They help me mentally, physically and there is nothing I enjoy more. Without the downs we can't really appreciate the ups and although it's hard, frustrating and expensive it can also be rewarding, satisfying and make you one happy (skint) pony girl!

Lofthouse Equestrian,  Everyday Horse Rider

So, why am I rambling? I wanted to express the importance of carrying on, because anything worth having doesn't come easy. We all make mistakes, we all have areas to improve upon. We are not perfect! But, we are doers! We persevere, we fall but get back up and we learn each time.  We may not be professionals, but we are equestrians and we can do this! 


Sam x


Cuddling a horse

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