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The little Lofthouse Boutique has been open for just over 1 year and it’s been a steep learning curve to say the least! When I decided to open the shop I didn’t realise just how much I had to learn, about everything! Business, stock, IT, photography, writing, money to name but a few. The one thing I knew was what I wanted to be….or so I thought!

Lofthouse Boutique

It turns out I didn’t! I knew I wanted to have a beautiful collection of equestrian and country goodies you can’t get elsewhere and to give a really amazing shopping experience. So once the shop was all decked out I set about filling it with all the things that I loved for the horse, the rider and the country lover. I wanted to stock it all! Every time someone asked for something I didn’t have I wanted to get it in. It’s just not possible to have everything, especially when I want the personal touch that the megastores just don’t have, so the country clothing got a bit neglected.

I never set out to become a tack shop. I didn’t want to stock things you could get anywhere else. I wanted to be that special little place that has different things! So, I had to really work out what I wanted the boutique to become.

Country clothing shop

Although I love riding horses, I always wanted the boutique to be for you, not your horse! Over the years I’ve really fallen in love with the country lifestyle, and fashion that goes with it. I adore brands like Sporting Hares, Hiho Silver, Grays Equestrian, Ness, Baleno and so many more. It’s not just the fact that they look amazing, they keep up with my life! I can wear them day in, day out and they’ll still look perfect!

So that’s what I’m going to bring you, the country brands that I love and trust.

Best British Country Clothing Brands

Don’t worry, I’ll still have the equestrian essentials, you all know I can’t resist a beautiful bright numnah! But I want to be true to why I started this, for you to look and feel amazing. So whether you’re at the yard, walking in the country or on a posh day out, we’ll have the country inspired outfit for you.

There’s going to be a lot more coming over the next month, building up to a fun night of Cupcakes and Country Clothes (and prosecco) at The Lofthouse Boutique on the 28th September. If you love the country life as much as I do I know you’ll love what I’ve got coming up, and I’ve set up the Lofthouse Country Club Facebook group just for you guys. (You can join this HERE!)

Lofthouse Equestrian & Country Boutique

I’m so excited I want to tell you everything now…but I can’t! So make sure you keep your eyes on our social media for more news (you can heck out our event at the end of September HERE), and I’ll see you soon.


Sam x

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