Winter Care: Essentials you need when you're out and about!

I'm sat here looking at the weather forecast when Sky News pops up and tell me I need to brace myself for heavy snow and blizzards to hit the UK this weekend! The thought fills me with dread. The only time I like snow is on Christmas Day when I'm inside with a hot choccie and my faithful fluffy blankie! So with the snow in mind I thought I'd share my top items that you should have in your car or down at the stable yard encase of emergency!

1. A Hat and Scarf! this sounds obvious but it's amazing how many times you forget your hat. If you always keep a set in the car them you'll be fine no matter what! I love the Baleno set, it's super warm and the chunky knit scarf is really long so you'll stay cosy all day! > CLICK HERE

Baleno Scarf and Hat Set

2. A fluffy blankie! An absolute MUST! What if you break down? You NEED one of these ... they are so toasty! > CLICK HERE

3. Hand Warmers: These are really handy (pardon the pun) to keep in your glove compartment or in your tack locker. They stay warm for ages too! > CLICK HERE

4. Warm socks! What if your feet get wet? You really should have a spare pair in your car! These Sporting Hares Preppy Long Socks are really cushioned, warm and long so they cover your calf nicely! > CLICK HERE

Sporting Hares Preppy Long Socks

5. A Towel: You may need to dry off at some point so a towel is always handy! Stick one in your car boot or your tack locker! You just never know!

6. Flask! If you know your venturing out on a big journey then you should really take a warm drink in a flask! It's amazing how it warms you up!

7. A Brush and shovel! What if you get stuck on the road? What if your car is full of snow by the time you've mucked out? A hand brush and a small shovel is always a good idea!

8. Battery pack! I swear by these! Super handy for your phone incase it runs out of battery! These are dinkie enough for your bag or glove compartment! > CLICK HERE

Winter Care: Essentials you need when you're out and about!

I'd love to know if you have any other ideas! But I'd like to think you'd be a bit more prepared if you had a few of these with you!

Sam x

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 Winter Care Essentials to help you when your out and about!

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