It's all about the leggings...

The Style Lounge.. It's all about the leggings

Breeches? No-one wears breeches nowadays! It's all about the leggings! Yes, leggings! Gone are days where you squeeze into your breeches and do ten yoga poses before they feel comfortable. Gone are the times when you bend over and have your tummy pinched by an awkward button! Enter the era for comfortable leggings! 






HKM Starlight Leggings come in an array of different colours and all with a silicone knee patch for extra grip! Don't be fooled in thinking they are thin or see through, unlike some generic leggings, these are thick and supportive! You'll not regret the decision!






Team the leggings with a pair of Sporting Hares Preppy Long Socks in gunmetal grey & rose, 10% of each pair sold goes to support cancer! Add some Toggi Augusta boots for around the yard, water proof and extremely comfortable when your on your feet all day! Finish it off with HKM's Softshell Jacket- perfect for the fluctuating weather, waterproof, windproof and with a detachable hood for a different look! Keep this handy in your car for a quick put on when it rains!




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