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Brave or Stupid? .... Vlog #16

This weeks vlog is all about getting into the festive spirit and I finally get back on board Erik for the first time since April! Not sure whether I was brave or stupid ... perhaps both... don't forget to subscribe!
Getting back on board, equestrian vlog

Getting back on board ... Vlog #15

In this week equestrian vlog I finally get my backside back in gear and I get back on board Crunchie! I'm now mega motivated to crack n and our aim is to get my tailcoat! Watch this space!
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Party Time ... Vlog #14

This weeks vlog is all about the run up to our Cupcakes & Country event which we held just over a week ago! It was a brilliant night and I'm so grateful to everyone who took time out to visit!
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From Dresses to Jodhpurs .... Vlog #13

So it was a bit of a different week, I watched my hubby celebrate his Masters degree at his Graduation from Bradford University and then it was back to the accident prone herd... thankfully all minor injuries!
dressage test vlog

The Results ... Vlog #12

Super proud of Crunchie getting such a fab score in our Dressage Anywhere test! 71.92%!! So, as promised here's our test with all the judges comments!
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Down the Centre Line ... Vlog #11

Well... I did it! I didn't chicken out and I rode my first dressage test in quite some time! I actually really enjoyed it and found it super easy to do with Dressage Anywhere!
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Time to ride... Vlog #10

So this has taken a bit of courage to upload! It's a normal day with the Lofty herd but this vlog contains me actually riding Crunchie (I finally got mum ready with the camera!). It's not perfect and I talk about why and hopefully this is the start!
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Pony Days ... Vlog #9

So it was another rare day off and I got to spend it with my favourites! Here I talk about Erik's pelvis a bit more and what I'm attempting to do to rehabilitate him!
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My Happy Place ... Vlog #8

So this is a bit of a random one, but I was just so happy to be back in the shop this week! After a really busy, stressful week vet nursing, whilst the shop was being renovated, I really appreciated being back where I belong! 
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The sound of music ... Vlog #7

Another snippet into daily life at Lofty HQ! This week I thought I'd try out a really handy wrist speaker whilst riding, to see if it would help me to not fixate on things.
how to manage a cold backed horse vlog

How to manage a cold-backed horse .... Vlog #6

So in this vlog I thought I'd show you how I manage with Crunchie, which can be difficult during Winter as he's cold backed! I have a few handy tips to help you if you find your horses struggles too! 
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An Equestrians day off! ... Vlog #5

It was my day OFF! As per usual I jam-pack it full of animal antics!