HKM Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Numnah with LeMieux bandages and over reach boots
Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Saddle Cloth in Taupe
LeMieux Luxury Fleece Polo Exercise bandages in beige
LeMieux Softshell Overreach boots in Brown

Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate with LeMieux Matching Collection

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Brown and beiges are colours that suit any horse, this is why we have teamed together two of our favourite brands to bring you a fresh matchy set this season. This gorgeous Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Bit saddle cloth is brought to you by HKM Sports. This  numnah is anatomically formed ensuring the perfect fit. It also boasts fast moisture absorption with the foam and cotton wool padding plus has super cute snaffle bit detailing on one corner. Paired with LeMieux's gorgeous beige fleece bandages (made to the highest quality) ensuring your horse stays supported and protected when riding. Finally top this off with the lovely soft-shell overreach boots from LeMieux, great for everyday to help protect  your horses heels. The boots are made with a soft soft-shell outer and a smooth neoprene inner for maximum comfort. They also feature a velcro fastening for ease of use.


Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate with LeMieux Matching Collection includes:

Lauria Garrelli Golden Gate Bit Saddle Cloth (FULL size, Dressage): RRP £38.50

LeMieux Luxury Fleece Exercise Bandages (set of four): RRP £18.95

LeMieux Soft-shell Overreach Boots (Large Size): RRP: £16.50