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The Cavallino Marino Siena Denim Matchy Set

Cavallino Marino & LeMieux

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Who doesn't love grey? It's so classy and suits almost any horse! This is why we've teamed together our favourite bandages by LeMieux with this stunning Cavallino Marino Denim grey saddle cloth! This super stylish saddle cloth boasts fast moisture absorption with touch-close strap fastenings. It is anatomically formed comprising of foam and cotton wool being a very breathable fabric. This is a gorgeous, quality numnah and is made even more amazing when teamed with LeMieux's grey exercise bandages! They are made from a luxurious fleece to avoid pilling giving a subtle look that exudes quality! 

The Cavallino Marino Siena Denim Collection includes:

Cavallino Marino Denim Saddle Cloth in Grey (Full Size | Dressage): RRP: £44.95

LeMieux Luxury Exercise Bandages in Grey (Set of Four): RRP: £22.50