LeMieux Dressage matchy set peacock green
LeMieux dressage square peacock green
LeMieux bandages peacock green

The LeMieux ProSport Dressage Matchy Set in Peacock Green


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How stunning is this matchy set in Peacock Green? Known for quality at a reasonable price this LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square has a soft dense feel with a bamboo lined towelling flannel underneath. The bamboo is really effective at wicking away sweat, minimising friction and maximising comfort for your horse. The topside is a luxurious suede with a very subtle sheen, making the peacock green colour really stand out! Team this with the matching green exercise bandages made from high quality fleece to avoid pilling and you'll have 'matchy' perfection! Plus due to the dark colour it won't show dirt the same! #winningatlife


The LeMieux Peacock Green Collection includes:

LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square (Full Size): RRP: £39.95

LeMieux Luxury Fleece Exercise Bandages (set of four): RRP £22.50